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Usually a suitable time to seek treatment for bedwetting is around six to seven years of age. Children of this age are able to understand and participate actively in the program. Dry Time Kids typically treats children from six to twelve years of age.

Reasons for seeking treatment may include:

  • Your child is motivated to get dry.

  • Your child’s self-esteem is affected.

  • Your child’s social participation is affected (school camps and sleepovers).

  • The issue is causing stress, conflict or frustration within the family.

  • The extra washing is difficult to manage.

  • A younger sibling is becoming dry at night.


What is my Next Step?

Call the clinic for a no obligation phone consult to discuss your child’s bedwetting and individual situation 0413255451. We will email you an information pack with more details.


To proceed, just reply to our email and complete the registration form emailed to you.  We will book you in for an appointment to commence treatment and a time to contactlessly collect your alarm and materials box.


The clinic psychologist will request you to arrange a consultation with you GP and obtain a referral to rule out any underlying medical issues and will provide guidance about how to arrange a referral under the Better Access initiative so that Medicare rebates can be claimed.

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