Our Approach

97% success rate

Our psychologist delivers an evidence-based treatment and provides individual support to your family to enable your child to become dry at night.  We use the 'Practitioner Assisted Bell and Pad Alarm Therapy' approach.  Based on our last 3 years of clinic data we have a 97% success rate.  Our psychologist works with you and your child over a number of individual support sessions and tailors the program to suit your child’s individual needs.  Typically, using  the Dry TIme Kids approach your child will be dry within six to eight weeks.  They will then go on to do a few more weeks of 'overlearning' to decrease the probability of a relapse.  


Our psychologist trained with local expert, Janet Blainey, carrying on the approach used by Janet to achieve dryness for thousands of children in the bayside area over nearly 30 years.


The Dry Time Kids Program combines:

  1. A professional ‘bell and pad’ alarm used on your child’s bed during the night.

  2. Regular consultations at the clinic to motivate, monitor and support your child, ensuring that they are on track for achieving dryness.

Ask your GP about the 'bell and pad' alarm approach for the treatment of children's bedwetting.  You can download a letter here to take to your GP to explain the process of making a referral to Dry Time Kids for your child. 


If you would like to book in for treatment it is best to call the clinic and speak to our psychologist about your child to make sure that Dry Time Kids Clinic is right for you and to find out further information about initiating treatment.       

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