Due to COVID-19 Treatment is all online using Telehealth. 


GP' and Pediatricians are welcome to continue to refer children under a Better Access Mental Health Care Plan, under the condition nonorganic enuresis (nocturnal).  Not all families will wish to attend under a Mental Health Care Plan.  However a written referral is required for all children.  This ensures a GP consultation and examination is undertaken to ensure any underlying or co morbid medical condition is identified.  


Information letter for Medical Practitioners about making a referral.      

Statement for GP's/ Pediatricians:

Children can be referred for nonorganic enuresis (nocturnal) under a Better Access Mental Health Care plan.  The "Practitioner Assisted Bell and Pad Alarm Therapy" approach is now delivered via online Telehealth sessions.  A socially distant pick up of the enuresis alarm and required materials is arranged and treatment is conducted all online using the COVID-19 telehealth items.  

Treatment for your child's bedwetting is now from the safety of your own home.  If you have been putting it off this may be a perfect time to help your child get dry.     

Due to recent Medicare changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic rebates are now available for online treatment using Telehealth (ie video conferencing).  We have therefore adapted our program to keep everybody safe. 


We will prepare your alarm package containing all required materials and your alarm.  A socially distant pick up is arranged.  Everything else will be done online. 


We use Coviu, a safe platform designed for allied health.  We send you a link to call in to our scheduled session. No downloads or special software  - simply click the link and away you go.  

Print the Information Letter for Medical Practitioners to take with you to your GP/Paediatrician.  

General Practitioners & Pediatricians:


COMING SOON - Australia Wide Children's Bedwetting Treatment

The Dry Time Kids Children’s Bedwetting Program has been currently operating in Melbourne's bayside suburbs for a number of years.  We are pleased to announce that in 2020 we launch the "Reach You" program which reaches your child wherever you are in Australia!

This premium children’s bedwetting treatment option, available throughout all of Australia, can help your child get dry all in the comfort of your own home. We post directly to you our top quality, professional level bedwetting alarm and provide you with all the resources, help and support you need to get your child dry.

Our premium package includes:

* The highest quality bedwetting alarm on the market posted directly to your child to use on their bed for up to 12 weeks.

* Individual consultations for you with your child via teleconference with the clinic psychologist to regularly review your child’s progress and ensure your child is on track to achieve dryness.

* A parent booklet provides clear and detailed parent instructions explaining everything you need to know *

* A colourfull child booklet provides all the handouts, visuals and fun activities your child will need.

* Video clip instructions to supplement your booklets - for both parents and children.  

* The program is individually tailored - your child will be moved through phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 of treatment based on the child’s needs and progress.

*Over the phone support as needed.

* One inclusive price.

* GP referral needed.

Contact us now if you would like to receive further information or be placed on the list to receive this service when it launches in 2020!  

*You may be eligible for Medicare rebates for the telehealth sessions if you are located in the Modified Monash area 4-7, reducing the cost for some people. The Modified Monash Model is a classification system that categorises metropolitan, regional, rural and remote areas according to both geographical remoteness and town size.

Private health rebates if you have psychology in your extras package may also apply for the telehealth sessions (please check with your private health if this service is funded).